Right to Rent Follow up Check

Right to Rent Follow-up Check when tenant renews visa

Do I need further check if Tenant's UK visa for work expired a few month ago? As a private landlord, I have been made aware that the tenant has been trying to apply for the Home Office to renew his work permit visa. Now the question is: What can I do to meet the Right to Rent criteria?

If you fail to do a follow up check and get your tenant's permission, you can be fined:
Sourced article: https://www.gov.uk/check-tenant-right-to-rent-documents/further-checks

What is Right-to-rent follow-up check?

If your tenant is allowed to remain for a certain period of time limit as per immigration rules, you must conduct a follow up check periodically.

If you fail to do a follow up check and get your tenant's permission, you can be fined .

Make sure to do the follow-up checks just before the date that's later.

  • The end of your tenant’s permission to remain in the UK
  • Twelve months from the date of your last check

Temporary changes have been made to how documents can be checked because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Guidance on the modified process. This includes asking for documents digitally and making checks over a video conference. Also, what to do if someone can't provide accepted documents.

What if there is no time limit for your tenant's permission to stay in UK?
Then you don't need to conduct a right to rent follow up check.

What if tenant fails in right to rent follow up check?
After Tenant's right to rent follow up check, then Tenant is legally not allowed to be a tenant and rent house in UK.
After a follow up check, you must inform the Home Office that your tenant is unable to legally rent property in England.

If your tenant right to rent check is failed and the Landlord fails to report to the Home Office. Then Landlord could face a fine or imprisonment for up to five years.

What If the tenant doesn't have the proper right to rent documents?
To verify that the tenant is allowed to rent without any specified right to rent documents (any of option below), you must use the landlord’s checking service

  • The documents are available at the Home Office
  • They have an appeal or case pending with the Home Office
  • The Home Office informed them that they had permission to rent.

After you have used checking service online, within 2 working days, you will receive a response.

To use this service, you will need to have the tenant's Home Office number.

If they don't have the proper right to rent documents or the landlord's verification service informs them that they aren't allowed to rent the property, you should not let them.

Receive assistance with a right to rent follow up check
To get assistance with a check, call the landlord's hotline

Landlords' helpline 0300790 6268
Monday through Thursday, 9am-4:45pm
Friday, 9am - 4:30pm
Learn more about call charges

The landlord's code of practice must be followed regarding illegal immigrants, private rented accommodation.

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