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One important thing that sets us apart is that we are not a letting agent!

We provide a cloud-based application platform both for property management and for accounting, which enables various user communities to conveniently manage, rent, and earn.

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Why RentOnCloud
A founder's story

On seeing a clear gap in the market, I lost my confidence in being a renter in the past, and now that I am a Landlord currently, I have never regained that confidence as well. Renters are usually afraid of dealing with private landlords because of less confidence and management issues. Most of the free listed public websites do not do vetting of private landlords, thus resulting in rental frauds and rogue landlords.

As a landlord, I used professional services, and this made me pay a high amount of fees to the high-street agency. I was not even able to talk directly with my prospective tenants due to their terms of business. Besides, I was forced to pay a premium fee for tenant referencing, inventory check-in/out, and other various fees, including high mark-up charges for property maintenance tasks, carried out by the agency's traders. I was unable to make my own choice of property traders on an open marketplace and manage seamlessly.

Further, there were always additional costs to pay for accounting and tax reporting whenever I managed my property as a buy-to-let SPV Limited company landlord. To solve the problem, I decided to build one source of an online technology platform that could automate most of the tasks and enable effective communication & management by a user community made of renters, landlord & Tradesman.

----"Rajiv Singh, Founder & Product designer" ------

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and Technology

If RentOnCloud would not be a letting agent, how could Landlord's properties be listed and managed?

To fulfill compliance, RentOnCloud is registered as an online agent with The PRS (ombudsman scheme), ICO (national data protection authority), MyDeposit and partnered with various service organizations, credit bureau agencies, HM offices, and Accountants.

We believe our application is on the verge of disrupting Property Rental and management market as well as adopting digital transformation of activities.

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Our team brings together a unique blend of Accountants, Business analyst, Sales Executive, Software engineers including UI/UX designers and Developers.

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