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New to The UK? The Top Things You Should Do Before Renting a House

Almost 11 types of properties are the most common variants available in the UK property market and your budget and requirements will determine your choice of property variant.

Knowing About them will lead to your need identification and your informed, educated and beneficial decision at appropriate time.

Selecting your appropriate choice out of available 25 million properties is a bliss, when you are informed, but it is still a bit tricky and tedious to select an appropriate abode.

All properties can be assessed on three major pointers

  1. Location of properties
  1. Family type and size
  1. Affordability

1. Location of properties

• Location of properties decide the ease of Living commuting and price.

• Location of property decide the Property value.

• Location also determines the supply and demand curve.

Schools, hospitals, banks and cash machines, offices, Park, Community Centre, worship places, nearby tube stations, bus stops scenic views can up the property prices.

Crime rate, climate, hazardous conditions, commercial properties, proximity of industrial establishment can lead to property value down.

All above factors influence the price of properties also surrounding area is most valuable and deciding factor.
Value of property is subjective concept and depend on personal choice.

For example; home buyers with children are looking for schools nearby the property.

Home near beaches parks, rivers, mountains and lakes have great values for some.

Entertainment and recreational establishment also decide the price and influence choices some possible examples are theatres, Golf Course, pub and restaurant.

On the other hand, traffic noise and proximity to commercial and industrial establishment can lead to lower home values.

Railroad, airports, factories can also add to lower home values.
Natural disaster-prone areas are also a least choice for home buyers.

2. Family type and size

Family type and size is the most important factor to decide the type of home one should buy.

Some variants of family type and size are

  1. Family with small kids.
  2. Family with no kids.
  3. Family with teenager and grown up kids.
  4. Family living with kids and parents.
  5. Family living with extended family.
  6. Number of Guest coming in family and their duration of stay.
  7. Family living with our family member having special requirement.

While purchasing the property one should plan long term. One should foresee and consider the future family size and future requirement.

3. Affordability

To determine the affordability, one should consider a few primary factors.

  1. Household income
  2. Monthly death and financial obligation. ( for example; car loan student loan.)
  3. Available savings for down payment.
  4. Unexpected and unplanned expenses.
  5. Stability of income flow in coming future.
  6. One should keep minimum 3 months of expenses and savings in hand as a reserve to deal with uncertainties.( Covid-19 is exception).

After considering all those above factors you can choose from types of housing available in United Kingdom.

Types of housing

1. Detached houses

It does not share any wall; it is a separate structure with front and back garden. it provides higher degree of privacy good for peace lovers and family with kids and old age family member.

2. Semi-detached houses

These kinds of houses share at least some part of wall with other properties. Privacy is little compromised in comparison of detached houses. But this option is cheaper version of detached houses.

3. Flats or apartments

Flats or Apartments are series of homes in single structure. This is popular option in United Kingdom. Suitable for individuals our small family. These kinds of housings are generally rented accommodations and affordable in comparison to other housing available in property market.

Flats can be categorised in four types

  1. Simple flats or apartments
  2. Converted flats
  3. Split level flats
  4. Studio flats

Simple flats or apartments.

Simple flat are series of homes in single structure, suitable for individual or small family.

Converted flats

These flats are converted for number of tenants with separate bedroom and bathroom. Usually these flats are not typical Apartment structure. These structures are split in two parts, top part and bottom part. Owner lives in one part and convert other part in rented accommodation.

Split level flats

These flats are usually maisonettes with separate entrance with individual staircase.

Studio Flats

Studio flats an attractive choice for individuals or young couples. These flats offer a kitchen, living room and bathroom with minimum number of separating walls.

Terraced housing, Townhouses, and end of terraced housing

These kinds of housing are most popular housing in UK or Paris housing are connected by a single wall on both sides. Townhouses are terraced house in an urban area or ‘to the town’ or ‘in a city’. It is in a ROW structure. End of Terrace housing are found at terminal of ROW terraced housing.


Cottages are most popular in villages. These are sturdy construction with almost hundred years old tag. It can be one or two storeys high. Mostly this kind of housings are used for holiday home.

Chalet Bungalows

These are single storey structures, which are separated from other nearby housing structures. Bungalow are smaller version of detached housing. Number of rooms are smaller than detached housing.

Mansion and conservation properties

Most luxurious type of UK housing. this kind of housings are most spacious and catering to high net worth category. These structures are centuries-old and iconic in nature.

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