Money Saving Tips while Moving home at end of tenancy
by Rajiv Singh, 04-01-2023

Money Saving Tips While Moving Home

Are you moving to a new house? This can be exciting and stressful. So a lot of planning is needed in advance. Remember, boxing up all your belongings is a time-consuming affair. Again if you are not well prepared, it can cost you a lot of money! Surely, you would not like to spend money unnecessarily, especially when you can use the same in decorating your new home. So, let’s have a look at some of the mind-blowing money-saving tips while moving home. So, here we go.

De-clutter your home

Packing all the things in boxes makes no sense when there are plenty of broken or unused items. So, create a checklist of all the items. Identify the things that you can sell, throw away, or donate. This will help to reduce the cost significantly as the more you have, the more you will likely have to pay for the house removal service. Remember, while decluttering your home, you may come across some items that can be recycled, which means more savings!

Organize a yard sale

Once you have decluttered your home and know the things you want to sell, organize a yard sale. You can sell anything, such as houseware, plants, books, jars, etc. Moreover, you can also sell any furniture or any electrical appliance you would like to replace with a new one! Selling unused items by organizing a yard sale means having extra cash for removal service.

Don’t buy removal boxes

Think about asking your friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbours who have recently moved and have some spare removal boxes. You can also get some removal boxes for free from your nearest furniture or retail store. Do not forget to check at supermarkets as they usually receive their stock in big-sized cardboard boxes and will be happy to help you before sending the rest of the boxes to some recycling centre. Try to get cardboard boxes of different sizes to have the right-sized boxes for all the things you want to pack.

Pack smartly

Be creative during packaging, and instead of spending your hard-earned money on purchasing removal supplies like bubble wrap rolls and paper blankets, make use of old newspapers, towels, blankets, or even old clothes. You can safely use these stuff for cushioning your fragile items from any possible damage during moving, and yes, label all your boxes carefully.

Consider moving yourself

Hiring the services of a removal company can be costly. So, try to look for other options, like moving with the help of your close friends. Rent a moving vehicle, and you can actually save a lot.

Consider the cheapest day

If you think moving is not your cup of tea, book a removal company but consider the cheapest day for moving home. Although the cheapest day can vary from one location to other, you can consider moving home on Sunday, as most people choose Friday or Saturday so that they can have some time to settle in before resuming their work routine. This way, you can surely save some money. Also, don’t forget to compare the quotes of several removal companies to have the best deal!

Consume perishable food items

Do you have fresh fruits, vegetables or some milk in your refrigerator? Do you have some bottles of pickles, cranberry juice, or anything else that can leak and spoil your packed goods? If yes, it is highly advisable to consume them before moving home. This will avoid any additional expenses caused due to spillage.

Lastly, don’t ever forget to keep a separate box for essentials such as can openers, first-aid kits, toiletries, eating utensils, canned food, etc. This will help you to save a lot of time and effort after moving into your new home. Also, if you are moving to rented accommodation, think about saving some more money by smartly paying your rent, storing your rent agreement, and managing all the receipts via online property management software.

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