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How Tenants Can Stay Cool Amidst This Heatwave

So, you’ve just moved into a new place in the UK. And it’s hot. Heat waves are a real issue in the UK, notified in recent years post COVID19, and it’s hard to avoid them. That’s why it’s important for tenants to stay cool and safe from this heatwave. Unfortunately, some buildings have done a terrible job of preparing for the heat. Here are tips on how to stay cool without breaking the bank:

Heatwaves occurrence in the UK, is this normal?

A Heat wave is a sudden and intense temperature increase that can be found in tropical or subtropical areas of the world but is unusual in the UK. Heat waves are not supposed to be common in the UK, however this is forecasted with an estimated frequency of one per year going forward. It should usually happen during periods of high humidity and air temperatures reach uncomfortable levels.

How do Heat waves happen

Heat waves are caused by the Earth's atmosphere becoming too warm, especially when there is a lack of wind or rain. The heat from the sun melts ice on top of the ground, which then causes water to seep through the cracks in the surface and into buildings. This heated water then creates an intense thunderstorm that can cause destruction and damage to buildings and people.

What can tenants do to stay cool during a Heat wave

Many things can help tenants stay cool during a Heat wave including wearing comfortable clothes, using air-conditioning if available, drinking cold drinks, staying out of direct sunlight, and avoiding working in close proximity to windows or heaters (unless you need to).

Tenants can help keep their home cool during a Heat wave

If you live in a building with air conditioning, take the time to adjust your cooling habits to the new heatwave. Make sure to turn off all devices that can generate heat (like fans and computers) when you’re not using them, and drink plenty of water during hot weather. You may also want to consider joining a community group who share similar cooling needs.

Make sure your home is well-maintained

Make sure your home is clean and free of debris as possible so that your unit can run at its best. Keep windows closed, turn off lights when you go outside, and avoid leaving doors open during the day or night.

Know your cooling options

When it comes to choosing how to keep your home cool during a Heat wave, there are many options available. You can choose between air conditioning or heating pump (air to air or water to air generator), but both options have their pros and cons. Air conditioning can be more expensive than heating, but it’s often faster and more efficient – so if you have an AC unit or plan to have it, it should be turned on as soon as possible in order to stay comfortable throughout the day/night. However, if you choose heating pump over air conditioning, make sure you factor in the cost of installation, the landlord permission and regular maintenance fees – especially if you live in an older building with old wiring or pipes).

Join a community group to help keep your home cool

There are many groups that focus on keeping homes cool during Heat waves – some even offer discounts for memberships! If you’d like to find out more about joining a community group that works towards keeping homes cool during Heat waves, check out social media websites like Facebook or Twitter for information about upcoming events or gatherings near you which will allow residents of buildings with AC units the opportunity to come together and save money on their energy bill!

Tips for staying cool during a Heat wave

When it comes to staying cool during a heat wave, storing your drinks and cans in an easily accessible location is a great way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. For example, if you have a home cinema system, make sure to place movie cans and drinks in an easily accessible location.

Additionally, make sure that your home has air conditioning. This will help keep you and your loved ones cool and comfortable while staying inside during a heat wave.

Make sure your home has air conditioning

Air conditioning can be a great way to stay cool in the UK this summer weather. When possible, try to buy an air conditioned property so that you can save money on rent as well as stay comfortably cooled off during peak hours.

In addition, make sure that you use fans to keep your home cool. Fanning yourself down can be very uncomfortable and can even lead to death in some cases – choose fanning wisely!

Use fans to keep your home cool

If you want to stay cool during this heatwave, using Fans may be the best option for you! By using fans, you’ll be able to keep yourself and your loved ones comfortable while staying inside their homes during peak hours- perfect for keeping those pesky British summer days under control!

Keep drinking water, increase intake and grow plants

It is essential to be hydrated and more particular during this period. Carry a bottle of water if you travel and should try to avoid long travel if you can.


Heat waves are not a common occurrence in the UK, but natural impacts may be due to global warming that will soon be realised and tenants should take note of some tips to stay cool during a Heat wave. By creating escape plans and well-maintained homes, you can minimise the chances of getting suffocated or having your home ruined in the event of a heat wave. In addition, join community groups to keep your home cool during a Heat wave – by doing so you can help others stay safe and comfortable. Finally, drink water for cooling in case of an emergency. Thank you for reading!

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