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Advantages of Being a DIY Landlord and How to Maximize Them?

Have you recently bought or inherited a house property that you plan to lease out? What alternative is best for a landlord when it comes to rental property management? If the DIY bug has bitten you too and you want to try being a DIY landlord, you must understand its nuances. There are surely ample advantages of overseeing your rental property requirements on your own instead of hiring a separate agency. More and more landlords in the UK are becoming “do-it-yourself” landlords. Let us find out some of the compelling benefits that one can leverage by becoming a DIY landlord.

Being a DIY landlord enables better control over your property

When you are investing a truckload in acquiring a property, you would desire proper control over the same. Allocating the responsibility of overseeing your house to a property management entity might lead to issues with appointing the tenants and maintaining the same. Since the house is under your ownership, nobody will care for it the way you do. Any damage or mishap while handling the property at the hands of any third party will ultimately burden you with additional cost. As a DIY landlord, you can hire appropriate tenants after proper screening and adequately monitor expenditures for property maintenance. Thus, you can maximise your returns on property investment.

A DIY landlordship is a budget-friendly alternative

If you delegate the task of rental property management to any agency, you would have to bear the entailing commissions. There are chances that the management team might not put in as much dedicated effort as you yourself might to administer tenants and the property welfare. As a result, you may need to spend more money. On the flip side, working as a DIY landlord can help you save on commissions that the management company will charge. You can work closely on optimising your overall outlays as you stay more budget conscious.

When you have all the control you need to manage your property as a DIY landlord, you can also leverage greater flexibility. Your decision-making is not dependent on any third-party property manager and you can easily undertake critical actions without losing much time as per your needs.

Operating as a DIY landlord supports more leverage of favourable market opportunities
The real estate market remains one of the most lucrative avenues for investment in the UK. When you function as a DIY landlord you have increased autonomy to undertake purchase and sale decisions regarding your property. The ability to make the most out of the conducive real estate environment multiplies when you work as an informed, research-driven DIY landlord.

How can you maximise the benefits of being a DIY landlord?

Undertaking the role of a DIY landlord can help you reap many benefits. However, you must consider some crucial aspects to sustain the advantages and keep troubles away. Here are some recommendations to ease the process of rental property management as a DIY landlord.

Remain updated and agile

The rental and real estate markets are constantly evolving. You have to keep pace with different regulatory requirements and trends as a landlord for effective rental property management. One cannot handle their house and tenants properly if they do not remain aware of any updates in the property laws, loan compliances, or tax requirements. As a DIY landlord, you will not have a team of professional property managers to assist you. Therefore, it is vital to keep up your agility and make time to stay updated with relevant changes in the rental and real estate landscape. It will allow you to make the most out of your DIY arrangement.

Stay wary of certain problems

If you have resolved to become a DIY landlord, you must also be ready for the possible troubles that might come in your way. It is always better to be prepared for any unwanted events that might come your way. There are high chances that you come face to face with problems related to bad tenants, house emergency situations, and hidden costs. Without a rental property manager, you may find it difficult to address such situations. You must understand the root causes that can trigger such issues and take actions to avoid their occurrences to ease your life as a landlord. For instance, you must inspect your property for any repairs or renovations to avoid tenant complaints or emergencies.

Use a good property management software

In this technology driven world, you cannot ignore the narrative of getting virtual assistance to streamline your DIY landlord tasks. There are many property management software and online platforms like RentOnCloud that deliver comprehensive support for rental property management. They allow you to screen tenants, undertake lease contracts, handle accounting activities, and solve relevant queries through a community of landlords all at once place. Property management software and cloud based platforms are indeed money and time saving alternatives for DIY landlords.

Lead the way towards a fruitful stint as a DIY landlord with RentOnCloud support!

Working as a DIY landlord along with your other professional commitments can prove as a backbreaking responsibility. You can make use of our trailblazing platform for both landlords and tenants to simplify the hassles associated with rental property management. Our team offers a power packed rental management software for DIY landlords to help them generate maximised returns from their assets. Consult our RentOnCloud team for more details!

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