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9 Reasons To Use Rental Property Management Software in 2022

In challenging times, it is far harder to find a good property, particularly in a competitive market, it is essential to use software that can help you in finding a suitable property.

Landlords and property portfolio managers are bogged down in admin, managing maintenance issues, inspecting properties, book-keeping and filing tax returns, which takes even longer if it’s paper-based.

“With new technology available, private landlords now have the opportunity to use rental property management software to manage their properties, and other daily tasks.”

What is online rental property management software?

Online rental property management software allows residential landlords and portfolio managers to automate and schedule their daily and unplanned tasks electronically. Using rental property management software can make it much easier for landlords to organise their properties and track them in real-time, saving both money and time.

Key features and benefits of RentOnCloud – a new online property management system:

1. Easier tenant referencing:

Manual tenant screening or referencing can be very time-consuming It is much easier to use rental property management software to do background and credit checks.

Tenant referencing reports may include CCJ notices and credit reports. They can also include past landlord checks, past rental histories and criminal records. Additional fees may be incurred if ordering a standalone tenant referencing report however if tenants are applying for rent online, the fee will be paid by the Landlord for the tenant screening expenses.

2. Ability to make online rental payments and rental collection

By using the right tools and collecting rent online, landlords can make the rental process easier. RentOnCloud makes it easy to collect rent online using direct debit powered by GoCardless and generates all invoices, and receipts automatically. This eliminates the need for manual invoicing.

3. Better workflow of maintenance request management

Software for managing rental properties allows you to raise maintenance requests, communicate with property owners, landlord and deal with traders who provide services.

4. Tenants can interact online via instant chat

Instant messaging makes it possible to manage rental properties in real-time. Rental property management software not only helps landlords lower operating expenses but also allows them to have real-time control of their rental properties and renters.

5. Instant reporting dashboard for accounting, tax and management

The dashboard is a visual representation to highlight tasks and actions.

The accounting and management reporting dashboard is a way to gather data and other key indicators in the real estate industry in an easily-understand format. It uses graphs, tables and charts as well as diagrams, tables and charts.

6. Advertising options for rental property

With just one click, landlords can advertise vacant properties on multiple platforms. RentOnCloud is currently working on developing a real-time integration that makes it easy to list available rental properties on multiple platforms, such as Zoopla and Rightmove.

Currently, RentOnCloud allows landlords to publish and advertise the rental property on their website and create a personal web page that contains all listed rental properties available in the market to let. Effective advertising will make finding tenants easier.

7. Online rental agreement signing and renewal

With rental management software, it is possible to sign a rental agreement (AST) online. While online signing is still relatively new, both tenants and landlords are increasingly using digital signatures, as a convenient and secure method.

8. Enhances visibility

RentOnCloud allows you to quickly and easily access properties using precise, current, and up-to-date data. It is all done through one powerful solution. Landlords have access to all the information they need to make better business decisions, including advertising, accounting and tax, across their entire portfolio.

9. Calendar booking.

An online calendar booking makes it easy to keep track of daily tasks. Calendars can be used to schedule tenant viewings and remind tenants about rent collection.

Landlords can monitor and reference tenants and increase back-office efficiency and money with rental property management software.
Rental property management software makes it easier for tenants, landlords, and portfolio managers to communicate effectively.

RentOnCloud software allows businesses to offer the best services and grow on a bigger scale. RentOnCloud is the right choice for landlords and portfolio managers who want to understand the benefits and drawbacks of rental property management software.
RentOnCloud offers a free plan that allows you to manage your property at no cost.

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