7 Tips for Tenants to win over a potential landlord
by Rajiv Singh, 25-02-2024

7 Tips for Tenants to win over a potential landlord

As tenants when we spot the ideal property to reside in, we do not want to miss out on it. Often a lot of us get rejected by landlords from the chance of renting a premier property we desire. There can be manifold reasons that can become barriers between you and your dream rental. It is critical to understand some essential factors that can enhance your probability of winning over your envisioned rental property. The rental property market in the UK is quite competitive. It can not only prove costly in monetary terms to rent a good property, but also demand some added efforts. If you want to lease an attractive property, you need to put forth your A-game.

After conversing with many landlords and rental agents, we have listed some resourceful tips to help tenants ace the hearts of potential landlords.

1. Prepare an appropriate rental resume

A rental resume has become a must-have for prospective tenants seeking to land a lucrative property in Britain. Particularly, in the suburbs of the UK, most tenants create a rental resume embellished with various desirable aspects that landlords often seek. Your rental resume must cover details about your education, employment, earnings, and past rental history. You can also add the contact information of people ready to offer a reference. If you have a rental resume, you can expedite the selection process by forwarding your resume immediately post the property inspection.

2. Create a solid first impression

Once you have forwarded your rental resume and the property owner has shortlisted you for an interaction, you must brace yourself to create an outstanding perception. Dress sharply and reach the landlord’s place on time. You can also use time-tested pleasing techniques like complimenting the landlord and investing efforts to make an engaging conversation. You can also research about things that the landlord might like to talk about before your first meeting. Such methods can help you make a lasting impact on the landlord.

3. Make sure you have the required financial standing

It is best to ascertain from the onset the monetary obligations that you will have to bear if you are selected as the tenant for a given property. Then, you have to evaluate your financial position and determine whether you can afford the required rent and deposit sum. You should have the necessary amount of money on hand if you are in talks with the landlord to lease their place. Show the landlord that you have the financial stability to pay rent on time each month by providing proof of income and employment. Time is of essence in the aggressive rental property market, and you cannot expect landlords to give you extra time to meet your rental obligations.

4. Showcase honesty

Landlords always prefer tenants who are upfront about all crucial information such as their employment details and credit history. Nobody likes to find out about such integral aspects from a third party and feel betrayed. Hence, you must remain as honest as possible about your personal background and financial position. If you feel that the terms of the rental agreement are not fair or reasonable, try to negotiate with the landlord to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Most landlords prefer to know about any issues beforehand and tend to be considerate to people who truthfully put forth their concerns.

5. Bring some suitable landlord references

Landlord references provide much needed assurance to landlords about the eligibility of a given tenant for their property. Try to collect reliable references from your past landlords who can offer a positive prospect on your behalf. Most potential landlords are highly likely to choose tenants with trustable landlord references.

6. Offer to sign a rental agreement for a longer tenure

A major chunk of landlords want a good tenant who will lease their property for the long term. The prospect of rental earnings for a prolonged period of time will be an attractive factor for anyone. In cases, where you are sure that the rental place has all the aspects that you want significantly, you can agree to sign a lease for more than a year or two. The landlord will be more willing to rent out his place to a tenant who brings the possibility of assured payment for an extended period. One can even consider paying some deposit and rent amount in advance to make it a better proposition for the landlord.

  1. Invest some extra efforts to gain an edge
    Landlords like tenants who are ready to go above and beyond the ordinary to prove their eligibility. You can dedicate some additional efforts before meeting the landlord. You can take your spouse, children, and pet along with you to acquaint the landlord with your family. The landlord will also feel more comfortable when he/she meets your family in person. If the landlord has certain requirements or preferences, such as a no-pets policy, try to be flexible and willing to meet those requirements. Communicate clearly and professionally with the landlord. Avoid any confrontational or aggressive behavior, and try to resolve any issues that may arise in a calm and respectful manner.
    Such few ancillary measures can go a long way in increasing your chances of selection for the rental property.

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Convincing and dealing with landlords can feel like an uphill task for all tenants. When it comes to impressing your prospective landlord, you must stick to some special tactics. The tips that we have explained above can prove useful in enhancing your odds of getting selected for your aspired rental. RentonCloud is a bespoke platform that is simplifying the hassles associated with rental property management for both tenants and landlords in the UK. We offer end-to-end support for both property owners and tenants and have created numerous successful rental arrangements for people across the country. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the rental property domain!

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